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Mon, Sept 13-17 | Self-led with FB Support group

Autumnal Cleanse

As the seasons change, drastic shifts in nature can create imbalance and avoidable illnesses in our body and mind. Through resetting our digestive system in this short timeframe, we can avoid seasonal colds and mild depression through Ayurvedic cleansing and deep self-nourishment. 


About the Event

As we transition from summer to fall, we shift from the predominant elements of water + fire (summer/pitta), and dive into the ethereal elements, air + ether (fall/vata). Our body gets cold and dry, our mind ungrounded and scattered. Imagine diving into a cold pool, the entire body constricts. The body holds onto the water and heat from the summer months, creating congestion, weight, and mental irregularity. The transition from summer to fall is an ideal time to cleanse, release any stagnant energy and water in the body, and create routine for the upcoming season.


What You'll Recieve:

  • Shopping list & recipes

  • Daily Dinacharya Checklist

  • Pre-recorded Vata Pacifying Yoga Class with pranayama and meditation (1.5 hr)

  • Supportive group

This Event Has Ended. 

Next cleanse scheduled for Spring Equinox 2022

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