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Thursday, Sept 9 | Zoom

Ayurveda Masterclass

Each person reacts and relates to particular foods, energetics, and seasons differently, thus healing should be approached more acutely. Ayurveda offers each individual a specific roadmap of how to live their life in fullness and in complete balance.

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About the Event

This workshop is FREE & open to 12 people willing to show up for themselves and do the work! In this workshop, you will discover your dosha and your current state of health (or imbalance), also known as Prakruti and Vikruti. We will do this through pulse diagnosis and a completed Ayurveda Consultation form. You will learn the fundamentals of Ayurveda, the three doshas, how to find balance, and the importance of awareness during seasonal changes. We will discuss the emphasis of cleansing and resetting our minds and body during the transition from hot summer months to the cool fall days ahead. There will be time to clarify content through question and answer.

How to Register:

Reserve your seat now by booking a free 1:1 connection call with Corinne. The call is intended to dive a little deeper and plan your personalized next steps for success. Once we reach 12 reserved connection calls, the booking page will no longer be available and registration will be closed. The first 12 people to schedule the connection call will receive a separate email with a consultation form and the zoom link to enter the Masterclass. Do not confuse this with the automated Calendly zoom link intended for our 1:1 connection call.

If you have any questions, contact

This Event Has Ended. 

Check back in for next masterclass Spring 2022

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