Food Combining & Eating Fruits Alone

Updated: Aug 23, 2021

You may have heard the benefits of eating particularly foods separate from other

foods for improved digestion. This is because each type of food has a specific energy and taste which determines its particular digestion rate. Food combining is understanding these qualities and therefore making wise eating choices to support digestion through combining particular food groups. Improved digestion brings increased energy, vitality, and health. Combining these drastically opposing qualities can wreak havoc on your digestive fire and manifest into worsened digestive issues later on.

Ayurveda carefully describes how our body best simulates with the environment around us, it does not give us rules to keep us rigid and restrained. We take what we can from it, and overtime learn how to best integrate the practices into our life that work best for us. If food combining seems overwhelming at first, emphasize eating fruit alone. Fruit has a much more rapid digestion rate compared to all other food groups. Because of this vast discrepancy in digestion rates, when fruit is eaten with other foods, it tends to move through the digestive tract more slowly causing fermentation which creates gas and bloating. For more reasons than this, most smoothies are not recommended in Ayurveda especially if combining nut butters, yogurt, and fruit. Next time you indulge, notice how long it takes to digest and if you suffer from gas or bloat. Once digestive awareness is heightened, it will become hard to ignore the signs of indigestion, and soon you will find exactly what works or doesn't work for your particular body type.

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