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Thursday, Oct 19 | Zoom

Ayurveda Through the Seasons: Vata

This 7-week long group course is specifically designed to gently guide each individual from the hot summer months to the cool, windy fall season ahead. Through daily observation of our mental and physical tendencies, we learn to understand our body on a deeper level, and bring awareness and balance into our life. 

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About the Event

During the stark seasonal transitions, mental and physical imbalances happen much more easily and can oftentimes lead to illness. Ayurveda offers us practical tools to move through the seasons with grace and ease. The shift from hot summer months to dry, cold fall months can manifest in physical and mental distress through depression, congestion, dryness, and lethargy.


This 7-week long course meets virtually, once a week for two hours, where we dive deep into understanding how each dosha uniquely adapts to the fall (vata) season. This course is specifically designed to help each individual move through the vata season with a full understanding of their specific dosha-type and how to find daily balance through daily self-diagnosis. Each class corresponds with weekly self-care practices to help integrate these understandings into your life and set you up for success for a lifetime of integrated Ayurveda. Let this course guide you through the changing seasons and offer you tools to remember


Topics Covered

  • Intro to Ayurveda & the Doshas, Dinacharya Ritucharya

  • Diagnosis, Vata Season & Marma Therapy

  • Subdoshas & Subdoshas in the Chakras

  • Ayurveda & the Kitchen: Application

  • Ayurveda & the Kitchen: Herbalism

  • Ayurveda & the Mind

  • Panchakarma Treatments


Amenities Include

  • Lifetime access to pre-recorded vata-balancing asana, pranayama, and meditation class

  • Ayurvedic recipes

  • Dinacharya Oil Kit by Sneha Ayurveda & Wellness

  • Ownership of course material

  • Private page on website to access materials

  • Lifetime access to recording of weekly classes


Book a connection call with Corinne to learn more and receive special offers. 

Enrollment Closed
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